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Dec. 26th, 2008

kitty ☯ librarycat reads


Failing to Alert the Mother Instinct

I pace outside my own bedroom. If I could, I would feel my claws show and retract in a nervous motion as I wear down my pads. I shouldn't be feeling like this about my bedroom. It's my bedroom.

Deep breath. Just get it over with.

Darting through the cracked door quickly, shutting it before the little ball of black fuzz can escape.Collapse )

Oct. 15th, 2008

birds ☂ flying from your hands


Phantom Wings Suck Sometimes

As every bird-therian or otherwise winged otherkin would know, long car rides mean cramped phantom wings.

Normally this isn't too much of a problem, since my shoulders and back constantly cramp (therefore my wings cramp as well) and so I'm decently used to the vague sort of oddish 'pain' from my phantom wings. However, this time I decided to sit in an awkward way for a good hour or so right before the car ride.

So my phantom wings were killing me.

Complaining about not-really-existing limbs also tends to suckCollapse )

Sep. 22nd, 2008

inception ☂ reality check


Reason For That

I push up on two arms from a lay, smile--too wide, too wild, too strange--and tilt my head to the side, blinking eyes--too coolly, too predatory, too glinting--at my friend as she glances up from her work.

"You look like a cat." She laughs.

A smirk lifts my lips, "Maybe there's a reason for that." I murmur.


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Sep. 19th, 2008

headdesk ☂ it is my OTP


Those Little Moments

Writing, writing... noise?

My ear instinctively flicks backwards to hear it bette--No. Instead my human ear twitches because a muscle in my skull reacts to the intention.


Fricking have to stop doing that.


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Aug. 2nd, 2008

Oregan Trail ☸ turn this wagon around


Fun-Noodle Wars With a Crazy Person

I sigh and reluctantly stand. The kids cheer and it's always about them when you're working at a summer camp.

I take the fun-noodle and watch as my opponent takes his.

Swish, hit, bam, whack, slap, thud, SMACK.Collapse )

Jul. 20th, 2008

wish ★ upon a star


Hello Dad, I'm a Cat

Talked to my dad today about otherkin. Now, that was fucking interesting.

So, it's not like it's any surprise, but I'm a catCollapse )

Jul. 19th, 2008

wish ★ upon a star


Playing Nice With Humans

Another little therian-related drabble about a random happening today involving me threating to throw one of the CounselorInTraining kids into the lake for getting my book wet.

People around me learn quickly that I follow through on my threats.


Oftentimes Playing with humans is strange.Collapse )

Jul. 17th, 2008

wish ★ upon a star


The Game

A random little drabble about the many times my therianthropy shows a bit too much. And also a bit about the difference between 'domestic' therians and 'wild' therians.

There isn't order to the primal thoughts that litter my mind now, there is no listing, no planning, just here, now, and the Game.Collapse )

Jul. 14th, 2008

wish ★ upon a star


On the topic of mirrors, I ramble

Sometimes she is familiar, like a close friend, or a family member. Sometimes she is estranged from me, as if she is someone I am supposed to know, but can't recall. Sometimes she is simply... a person.

But that's not right, no, the she in the glass, that's supposed to be me, I think. I'm supposed to look in the silvery glass and see me, but never is that.

Strange, I think, to have a human face.Collapse )
wish ★ upon a star


And we call cats curious

-"Between stars and survival I'll take the stars"
-Quil from In a Lawnchair on the Fourth of July

-"There are some who have no animal inside, no hint of the wild; they are utterly completely human, and perhaps that leaves them less than human. She probes and stares, watches hard and long, but she cannot find a glimmer of wild; they are all wires and concrete, all perfect normality. Has the wild been trained out of them by disapproving glances and social prodding, or was it never there to begin with? Do they know of its absence? Do they miss it, long for it, or do they fear it so much that they’ve locked it away beyond all retrieving?"
-Meirya from Animal People

-"It has always bothered me that this body is so ill-built for comfort without human furniture; the ground is so far away, it takes so many stages of movement to reach it, and then getting back up is awkward. If I walked on all fours, laying down would be so much simpler..."
-Noctifer from Dog Days of Summer

-"They say cats are curious, but surly humans are more so. As a cat I will study a new object, if it does not serve as food, pose as a threat, offer entertainment or provide something useful I will move on. As a human I may wonder what is it, how did it get here, why is it here, what is it called, what can it be used for, why haven't seen this before, where can I find another one?
So many questions that could be asked.

And we call cats curious.
-Velvet Wings from Of Cats and Humans

-"I see someone staring at me, their face strangely familiar. Ears flex backwards uneasily as I watch them, my eyes gazing steadily into theirs. My muzzle moves closer, whiskers bristling with curiosity. They moves forwards also, our faces so close we almost touch. Warm breath leaves a mist between us and I step back, head tilting. The mist stays for a moment before slowly fading and as I watch it something clicks.
A mirror, my breath misted on the cold glass. My watcher is me; a reflection.
-Velvet Wings from Through the Mirror

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