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Ahh.. damnit, he's possessed again.

Michelle: I knew my life had solidly bought real estate in the Twilight Zone when, my best friend Jay walks in--and I'm getting ready to go to work, I worked at a gas station at this time, 3rd shift--and Jay walks in and he sighs and he goes: "(sigh) Jewels is possessed."

And I go, "Oh, well you want me to get, like, the bell and the candle?"

"Eh, I got it." And I grab my laptop and I put it over my shoulder, and he hits the door before me and he grabs one or two things and we walk out into the parking lot.

Now, at this time, we owned collectively, House Kheperu and it's affiliates had like three townhouses, two apartments, all in the same complex.

Chris: ...Oh I remember that.

Michelle: Jewels... I open the door and Jewels, babbling in a Enochian or something, is streaking across the parking lot in his pajama pants... with another member trying to tackle him and hold him still. While he is continuing to spout Latin and Greek and everything else.. and that was a day in the life, at the time.

Chris: My life is so dull. It really is, I get up, I go to work--

Michelle: I have worked for dull. I have worked for dull, because that was just levels of ridiculous. If you walk into your home and you roll your eyes and go "Ahh.. damnit, he's possessed again."

-Shadowdance Podcast, episode 20


Ah, I remember a time when my online life vaguely followed that.

Thanks my lovely but insane Canadian friend who is/was ALWAYS getting attacked/possessed by everything and anything. And if it wasn't something psychic, it was something physical--getting kicked out his home, getting fired from his job.

The most recent was his friend who decided to try to latch on to me for a bit for teachings (say WHAT? Since when was I ever qualified for THAT?), but decided I was the perfect person to test all his energywork on... That wasn't a good idea. ESPECIALLY without my permission.

Oh boy, Cu had a fit with that. (reminds me, I haven't said ANYTHING about Cu on here..)

So after I shoved that little boy on his butt and left him high and dry, my lovely Canadian friend had a whole thing with this spirit attacking... oh it just got so overcomplicated and silly.

And I think everyone's had that group of friends where one person decides that They are the ONLY thing standing between the world and its destruction (Ours was a generally nice guy, but batshit insane--poor Penpen). To which I have to say: LOL.

Ahhh... magic. Gotta love it.
Tags: humor (and my odd sense of it), psionics. energywork. magic(k), quotes from others
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