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♪ ♫ ★ 「Kit」 ★ ♫ ♪

His Tiny Black Paws

Ears alert and eyes wide, I watch the small black ball of soft fur as his green eyes stare at me from below on the stairs.

Phantom tail swishes, I slowly creep down the stairs, stopping a few above him and lift a paw and bat at him carefully. I swat at his ear in a teasing motion using 'small' paws--using only one finger, as not to frighten him from my huge 'paws'.

Little fuzzy black paws swap at my white socked paws and I let him catch me for a moment before teasing him with light taps to his stomach and nose. If he were a human child, he would wrinkle his nose up and pout at me, instead he twitches his ears irately and pulls his whiskers back slightly. I respond with a soft pat on his little black nose and move quicker now.

Every swat he makes, I bat the top of his paw as he tries to catch me. I have to stop soon, or he'll get frustrated and leave, so I let him 'catch' my paws again, he holds my hand with retracted claws and licks my fingertips--if they were paws, he'd be washing the light fur on them carefully.

In a moment, I bore of the game and pull my hand back. He refuses and digs his claws into the soft skin of my fingers.

With a snarl, I swap him with my other paw, heavily but not enough to hurt him. He lets go but keeps his claws out and teeth bared. I hiss and leave, the game is over.

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Tags: drabbles (small writings), my clan of cats
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